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Elegance, style and comfort since 1800

1800 In the first decades of the nineteenth century, thanks to the development of seaside tourism, Livorno had become a popular destination for the Italian and international bourgeoisie, favoring the rise of important accommodation facilities such as the Casini d'Ardenza, Palazzo Caprilli and the Gran Hotel Palazzo, at the time Palace Hotel .

1888 The construction of the vast building was commissioned by Bernardo Fabbricotti . The hotel, designed by Enrico Azzati, was inaugurated in June 1884 and subsequently, for a few years, was entrusted to the management of the knight J. Spatz, from whom it temporarily took its name.

1898 In 1898 the hotel was closed and later, during the Second World War, it suffered severe damage. The southern wing of the building was partially destroyed until 2004, when important restoration works were started which brought the structure back to its original condition.

Today the Grand Hotel Palazzo today represents a unique reality of its kind . Able to
offer stays in luxury environments and high quality services for anyone who wants to pamper themselves a little Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, the Grand Hotel Palazzo is ready to welcome you.


Margherita di Savoia

It is said that among the hotel's illustrious guests there were also royalty such as King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy.


Guglielmo Marconi

The small towers that characterize the top of the hotel hosted Guglielmo Marconi who carried out some experiments on the telegraph in these rooms.


Giancarlo Giannini

Thanks to the size and variety of furnishings inside, the Hotel has been used as a set for numerous film productions: from "Hearts on the sea" (1949) to "13dici a tavola" (2003) and "For this night" (1977).


Pietro Mascagni

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Master stayed during his usual trips to the city on his return from Rome. Not just a holiday resort, but one of composition and inspiration, with real concerts that the Maestro at the piano held in the halls and in the garden of the hotel


Tazio Nuvolari

Famous is the photo that portrays him at the hotel entrance shaking hands with Enzo Ferrari, which marks the peace between the two interpreters of world motoring


Dalai Lama

Distinguished guest of the present day, he spends three days in June 2014 giving lectures and conferences at the Modigliani Forum.

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